• Overview
    • Consumer is Digitizing
    • Survival
    • Where are the Customers
    • PPC Model
    • Process (how it is done)
    • Commercial model (OKR guarantee)
    • IMF protocols
    • Real time reporting overview
    • Lead Gener8or
    • Company Credentials


Complete Digital with Offernet is strictly a Data driven company.

The focus of the company is to ensure that the clients advertising appears in front of the correct audience at the correct time. This results in the reduction of unwanted clicks and ensures that the correct “in-market” customer is served and responds to advertising that is relevant to them.

The net result is a big reduction on Cost per Acquisition and a big rise in Return on Ad Spend.

The company stakes its management fee on achieving results and it will not charge this amount if the agreed targets are not met (see Commercial model)

Will work with in-house marketing departments (or agencies) and together with the company’s existing brand and advertising, apply our methodology. 

 Before implementing research is carried out on the client’s offerings, the market and competitor’s activity online. 

Once Objective Key Results are agreed to, implementation can take place in a matter of days.

The data is managed 24/7 for the duration of the campaign, through a team of experts based in Cape Town and the AI algorithm Lead “Gener8or”

The client has access to a live dashboard and can keep up to date with the progress of the account on a continual basis.

Once the campaign has ended a full report back is given and results are compared against the Objectives.

The consumer is digitizing

Together with more consumers (across all LSM’s) spending more time online, Data prices continue to drop.


For businesses and customers alike, it is a fight for survival with margins under pressure.

The customer’s journey with a brand will be governed by trust, built not by frivolous claims but by meaningful things done in direct response to his shifting wants.

Brands on the other hand, will distinguish themselves with meaningful actions and RELEVANT customer engagements. needs and priorities.

There is no more room for smoke and mirrors and vanity metrics that blur the path to revenue and sustainability.


_Where Are the Customers?

  • they’re on their phone
  • they’re on their computer
  • they’re on social channels

But, WHO is actually IN market?

How do you differentiate given that all other retailers are also going online?

You HAVE to use…

  • artificial intelligence and big data to beat your competitors
  • machine learning will beat the traditional marketing agencies that use old technologies like programmatic and digital filters

This is the Complete Digital Offernet USP

_ ppc model illustration

Complete Digital and Offernet’s philosophy is that every campaign can only have one of four possible goals:

  1. Awareness
  2. Consideration
  3. Conversion
  4. Retention

In addition, every campaign goal can only have one stated Objective to achieve that goal. We then develop a single metric which we term “Key Result” (in conjunction with our client) that measures achievement of the Objective.


campaign# -> one goal -> one stated objective -> one key result

Campaign goal: Conversion

Objective: “To increase the number of online sales for a specific product”

Key Result: This campaign must deliver online sales at R50 per conversion.

This single objective-and-key-result-philosophy (“OKR-philosophy”) is the basis on which we have built our technology platform – it informs the shaping of the target metrics to which we train our machine learning, and it safeguards against cannibalization of budgets when multiple campaigns are live simultaneously. These metrics also form the basis of Complete Digital Offernet’s performance scorecard at each reporting period. In the subsequent pages,, we have depicted the various stages of a user journey, and matched each phase of that journey to campaign goals and the accompanying Key Results for each goal.

Through application of these Key Result metrics to each phase of the user journey, we are able to rapidly pinpoint areas of concern, and to also identify success factors to share and replicate across the various campaigns.

As these metrics are empirical measurements, they enable Complete Digital Offernet to maximize [the brand’s] Return on Investment. 

Through the creation of both ‘include’ and ‘exclude’ audiences, and through crafting user journeys that harmonize the ad-copy, product-specific landing page and the subsequent up-and-cross selling messages, Complete Digital Offernet is able to avoid cannibalising between internal budgets (BUs and group). 

Our methodology includes reviewing all the relevant campaign metric history with our client, to enable the setting of relevant, sustainable OKRs that ensure a mutually beneficial partnership.

_ how do we do it - step by step

  1. Start by gaining a thorough product understanding, and the ideal target market.
  1. Commence our proprietary data-layering process, whereby various data-sources are layered on top of each other.
  1. Our resident MIT PhD Data Scientist creates propensity models that allow us to construct a first iteration of include and exclude audiences.
  1. Our proprietary Artificial Intelligence enabled platform (“Lead Gener8or”) applies media budget to the various digital channels, partner networks and sub-channels, through which to distribute ad content.
  1. When actual campaign results become available (i.e. which advert converted which consumer through which channel on which device at what time…etc.) those insights are populated into our machine learning algorithms to enhance the precision of media procurement, and that enables campaign optimization.
  1. As iterations continue, our machine learning aggregates the learning curve and our propensity modelling becomes more accurate, all the while increasing the accuracy of not only our include-and-exclude audiences, but also our media channel and format selections.

Net result – increases ROI, decreased acquisition costs, no budget cannibalizing

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